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Introducing the Fresh Foam Lazr v2 for kids.

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Girls' Running Shoes

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Big Kids Running (size 3.5-7)

Feel fast in the latest and greatest running shoes for girls. With collections like Fresh Foam and Vazee, you can find your perfect fit and level of support for backyard races or repeats on the track.

Litle Kid Running (size 10.5-3)

Hook your pre-school girls up with a great pair of running shoes or cross-trainers for all their activities

Crib/Toddler Running (size 0-10)

Start your infant off on the right foot with a pair of perfectly cushioned shoes for a little girl’s feet.

Girls' Running Shoes

Whether she’s headed to practice or training for his first 5k, she’ll outshine even the fiercest competition in our vast collection of New Balance girls' athletic shoes. From girls' running shoes to everyday girls' sneakers, we offer a variety of performance perks and closure styles that are sure to meet your kiddo’s preferences and needs. Plus, our collection of girls' gym shoes can be mixed in with our girls' apparel to complete any look and keep her ahead of the game.

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