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NBRx is our complete approach to foot health. We connect your doctor’s recommendations to certified retail partners and trained fit specialists to help your feet feel their best.

Fit and function are crucial to optimizing your performance.

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From added pressure relief to improved alignment, fine-tune the fit of your shoe with the right insole.

Shoe Lasts

Ours are designed for specific foot types, widths and heights to help ensure that your shoe performs.

Shoe Widths

The majority of our shoes are offered in multiple widths, from narrow (2A) to extra-extra-wide (6E).

Know Your Arch Type

Your foot’s arch can determine what shoe is best for you.

Flat Foot

Ankle rolls inward (pronation). A stability shoe can help with motion control.

Normal Arch

Foot alignment is neutral. A supportive shoe helps maintain correct form.

High Arch

Ankle rolls outward (supination). A cushioned shoe is recommended for this type.

Get Fitted by a Pro

Your foot size can change over time. Annual measurements by our specialists are important for optimizing your performance.

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